culture shock –> blogs

i have caved into the world of blogging.

i promised myself a year ago that i wouldn’t be one of those dumb people that write about their glorious lives/thoughts (kelsey i used to think the same way as you).

BUT after katie encouraged me to join her new blogging venture over dinner, and after some serious culture shock in philly, my bloggage has now begun.

my first day in philly has come to a close. and i feel a bit defeated in admitting that i’m relieved that it has closed.

it was a long day of running errands in a city i don’t know and facing one new issue to deal with after another. on top of which the city’s culture was really getting under my skin (i got yelled at for not knowing how to pay for the subway) and i was running on 3 hours of sleep and not enough coffee.

feeling swamped, overwhelmed and exhausted, i decided that philly and i just didn’t go together and that i’d need to beg UH to let me in 2 months late. i had flashbacks to 8th grade when i switched schools and had that sick feeling you get when you’re in a completely new place- freaked out and alone and desperate with no hope in sight (i was a dramatic teen).

but after a nap and a long talk over the phone, kara was quick to remind me that it will take time and patience to transition and feel at home, but God’s faithfulness is always working. and as i hope that day 2 in philly will go better, i cling to Paul’s words to Timothy:

“For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.” (2 Tim. 1:7)

so for now, i’ll postpone my thoughts on how to transfer out, and instead by the grace of the Spirit… 

take that next step.



One response to “culture shock –> blogs

  1. i’m glad i peer pressured you into blogging.

    i think i’m going to blog in response to your blog.

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