a funny (?) story i heard yesterday:

–location: unnamed restaurant in philly–

customer: (walks up to the register) hi, i’d like to order-

cashier: you’re gonna have to give your order to someone else, i’m on my break.

customer: (looking around and seeing no other employees) there’s no one here. what about my order?

on break cashier: it’s not my problem! i’m on my break.


now as constant consumer myself, i know what my personal response of choice would have been after this-  some sort of sarcastic/biting comment, a demand to yell at the manager or an immediate leave with a loud slam of the door, and then a blog entry about the location and name of the restaurant and avid negative promotion of the place. 

BUT is such a response legitimized? in just the past 2 days in philly, i’ve caught myself bearing this same attitude that i keep running into- it’s not problem, so i don’t care. but i know that i can’t justify my actions on a said “majority.”

i recently watched the movie “Lars and the Real Girl.” and in the movie the main character Lars goes through a delusion of treating a doll as an actual girlfriend. a community discusses how to deal with the craziness of Lars, whether to embrace him in light of his strange behavior, or to shun him, tell him he’s crazy, keep him out of church, etc. then, unashamedly, a pastor asks his congregation the cliche question: “what would Jesus do?” my initial response was to laugh. and then i felt bad. 

as over commercialized WWJD was in the mid 90’s, it’s a legit question that no Christ follower should disregard. Jesus didn’t come to make sure that people were upholding the latest fads and impressions: “Zacchaeus, you’re a lot shorter in person, stay in the tree” “Shall I hand you the first stone to throw?”

if i am to follow Christ, i probably shouldn’t yell at the cashier about her horrid customer service, or tell her that her break isn’t my problem.

so wherever i am, no matter the local culture, no matter the socioeconomic grid i’m in of a city, i am called to live and act and think the Jesus-way; if i am to follow Him. i haven’t really been doing this, for a long while. that needs to change.

so question, what would Jesus do?


2 responses to “wwjd

  1. you are my champion jamie. you’re not already in philly for good are you? if you are you LIED to me!! miss you, mean it.

  2. word sista.

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