shoutout to Temple, TX

yesterday, i feasted my own eyes on the glory that is Temple, TX, home of Kara Hicks. and why might you ask was Temple so awesome? here’s why:

TOP 10 5 REASONS to like Temple:

5. it’s only an hour drive from Austin (just when you get sick of driving at the hour mark, you’re in Temple!)

4. Safety- with a population of 54,000 (just beating the student population at UT) spread over a large area, one’s chances of ending up in a pickle are statistically unlikely

3. the Angus Cows- i’ve known that angus steaks are delicious to eat, but little did i know that angus cows are known for being “cute” (as kara would say) and friendly. you can “mahh” at them and they will come and let you pet them.

Note: do not make sudden movements around the cows, michelle did that and freaked them out.

2. a trip to temple can be managed into a one day trip, or an evening trip, b/c it’s only one hour away from Austin

1. and finally, when in Temple, I can play speed scrabble with susan and paul hicks!


5 responses to “shoutout to Temple, TX

  1. i love “one’s chances of getting in a pickle are statistically unlikely”


  2. oh and you forgot to add that you got to hang out with your awesome friends!

  3. that is absolutely true, my bad.
    temple was that much more awesome b/c i went with 3 awesome friends!

  4. YES!!! I love Temple. Statistically, your chances of being in a pickle are very true. And Paul Hicks is a menace at speed scrabble.

  5. and what about katie drilling?

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