nice feet

i love surprises.

i love surprises that enhance the ‘well-being’ of…me.

this morning, my bosses conveyed to me a news that parted the heavens and brought joy to me soul.

tomorrow, i get off of work at 12:30 pm, 3.5 hours earlier than my normal work day.

and in responses i internally decalred, “how beautiful are the feet of those that bring good news.” (ignore the context of that from romans 10. getting off of work early for some may not seem glorious, but to me it felt like the warmth of a hug from Jesus himself)

as confucius or some other asian thinker once said, “time is gold.”

the possibilities that exist over the span of 210 minutes gained is endless.

i could rewatch 9.5 episodes of the office, make it home ontime to see what’s happened between Sonny and Jason on general hospital. EAT LUNCH! (i dont normally take lunch breaks at work cuz nobody here does, they pride themselves on a performance based culture which means that sacrifices must be made, including food). i could hang out with friends that are leaving town, like alli. convince my friends to watch pocahontas with me, again.

when i was in school and had multi hour mini breaks throughout the day, i never afforded value to the time given. and now i have a month til i leave dearest austin and i cant help but say to myself the “old person” saying, “time has flown by.”

so before i waste my newly found glory of 3.5 hours on a daytime soap, i plromise myself to do something people/relational (sp?) oriented. cuz at the end of the summer, i’m not gonna wish i’d gone to sno beach an extra 23 times or gone to toy joy for one last laugh. i’m gonna wish for the people that blessed my time here.


2 responses to “nice feet

  1. I’m very jealous of your half day at work tomorrow. If only all of us working gals could be so lucky…enjoy your time off!

  2. Preach it sister! The two things we are to care about the most in this world: our relationship with the Lord and our relationships with people. I LOVE the way you put things into words!!

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