“…i like wengapo”

so last saturday night, michelle and i were scoping out videos to rent. i was disappointed over and over again at the lack of credible film options.  our evening plans were starting to look bleak so in a last ditch effort i said to michelle, “scan the family section.”

now why the family section- i have no idea. we usually just walk by the family section to the humor or new releases. but that saturday, the spirit was leading us to a revelation and newness. in under 30 seconds of arriving in the family section i hear excitedly say, “look!” i spin a quick 180 and gasp in utter shock and delight at what i see, a beautiful sight that i have not seen in about 10 years — POCAHONTAS.

that night michelle and i hungrily watch every second of pocahantos, went through all the bonus features, including the sing alongs. the next night we invited friends to come over and watch. fellowship, bonding, joy springing over songs like “just around the riverbend” and “colors of the wind.” when alli and pablo showed up late, we rewatched the songs. and since then, it’s been a nonstop musical of listening to the songs and rewatching Pocahontas over and over again.

sadly yesterday was the day of departure, and we had to return Pocahontas to the store. it was a sad moment, but as john smith said (in response to learning how to say goodbye in powhatan), “i like wengapo (hello) better.”

i can say wengapo because i bought the pocahontas soundtrack.


One response to ““…i like wengapo”

  1. Whenever you pick up Beauty and the Beast of the Little Mermaid, I expect a call 🙂

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