crash and burn

eye lids heavy, head drooping down, sleepiness caving- i’m crashing. at work. and i havent even been at work for an hour.

God keep me awake.

let’s see what says about keeping yourself awake at work

1. small snacks, keep blood sugar high –> i can use an excuse to eat candy

2. drink lots of water, caffeine will cause crashing 3 hours later–> i disagree. it’s only been 2 hours since i had coffee. therefore this crashing is not caused by caffeine which means i can have more coffee. Number 2 out.

3. move around, exercise. –> yeah, not in 3 inch heals. Number 3 out.

4. engage in chit chat. –> HA! with the market the way it is these days, i dont think so. everyone is buried in their work. except me. Number 4 out.

Alas, the only thing i can do is eat candy andĀ drink more coffee. oh starbucks, how you take my money.


One response to “crash and burn

  1. haha, i like how your mind works jamie kim

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