the great wall(s)

“But Moses said to the sons of Gad and to the sons of Reuben… ‘Now why are you discouraging the sons of Israel from crossing over into the land which the LORD has given them?  This is what your fathers did … they discouraged the sons of Israel so that they did not go into the land which the LORD had given them.'” Numbers 32: 6-9

backtrack- so sunday was yet again another goodbye day, i had to say good bye to ryan (aka ‘danger’) as he too, like many of my other friends, embarked on our next stage in life- a future filled with uncertainty, new places and far away places. so sunday and monday i’m thinking- gosh this whole goodbye business really sucks- can we all just stay together and be happy.

parallel: in numbers gad and reuben decide to default to the securities that they make for ourselves. God was hooking up isreal with a pretty sweet new land, but gad and reuben stepped back- away from the vulnerability of a new place that God Himself was giving. rather than face a new, unknown blessing, they bailed out of God’s deal- to hide behind safe walls they could build for themselves.

makes me think that undefinable and unknown blessings from God are still blessings. college was the same- i had no idea that blessings and fruitful trials would await me. and God’s followed through. so why should the next phase be any different.

last night i ran into Shelton. Shelton works at Kin Market, and is also a man filled with the joy and love of Christ. i met shelton 2 years ago living in the dorms.  shelton would always bless my day with encouraging words of truth and sincerity. and who would’ve thought, shelton hadn’t forgotten about me- in fact, he apparently still prays for me, everyday. God didn’t set my friends and i up to do college alone, but has set amazing people – like Shelton- along the way to live life with us. God’s pattern of provision doesnt change.  so hide behind my own walls, or go into a promised-ghettofied land?

p.s. shoutout to ryan- have fun in Israel, South Africa and England. God’s really taking you to the ends of the earth. who would’ve thought that the guy who christened himself ‘danger’ and threw water balloons would end up at oxford- i did! you’ll me missed amigo


2 responses to “the great wall(s)

  1. Jaime – I’m stopping by from Brody’s blog and wanted to say, great PPT. Good scripture references and strong message about letting go and trusting God to do His thang. This really encouraged me today. Thanks for that. I pray you are blessed as you continue on this awesome journey He has for you.

    In Christ – Melody Milbrandt

  2. thanks so much melody
    same blessing to you as well

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