removing the rage from my road rage

so this past saturday our college group headed out to the lake, and after a long fun-filled day i totally relapsed back into my old road rage habits, big time. my actions/words/rage were pretty inexcusable so i went online looking for tips and found this:

Do any of the following statements sound like you?

  • I regularly exceed the speed limit in order to get to work on time… only 4 times a week
  • I tailgate other drivers, especially those who sit in the left lane. No.
  • I flash my lights and honk my horn to let drivers know when they annoy me… Rarely
  • I verbally abuse other drivers whether they can hear me or not… I dont really wanna say.
  • I frequently weave in and out of traffic to get ahead… That’s worded like it’s a bad thing. Totally biased
  • I feel the need to set bad drivers straight… Someone needs to, otherwise Austin would be overflowing with terrible drivers.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your driving may qualify as aggressive. The American Institute for Public Safety (AIPS) has a more detailed RoadRageous Test that determines if your driving habits fall under the “aggressive zone,” “hostile zone” or — worse yet — “war zone.”

So i took the test and luckily/unfortunately i dabbled into the “hostile” zone.

some of their tips for dealing w/ RR were:

  • more sleep
  • not treating one’s car as an extension of self ( i dont really understand this cuz if something bad happens to my car, something bad is happening to me)
  • it’s not about you (and that’s actually right, when someone drives poorly, it’s about that person)
  • hostility is toxic (i thought britney spears was, but wutev)
  • aggressive music makes people aggressive (this one doesn’t really help me out too much, we had on shane and shane saturday. maybe i’ll take it down a notch further to point of grace or something)

next time you’re in the car with me, just know that i am attempting to implement these suggestions. and my sincere apologies to katie, alli and jordan that were in the car with me saturday. what can i say, i merely stand on grace.

p.s. sorry if you think the picture is offensive, but it was just too funny to me to pass up.


2 responses to “removing the rage from my road rage

  1. Haha. I liked this post. Especially the point of grace shout out. Nice

  2. TOO FUNNY! i love it…

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