the superior awesomeness of Left-Handedness

"Lord Love a Lefty"

i’m left handed. and i’ve always been proud of it. i remember freshman year i met someone who was left handed and we instantly high fived each other in the air- with our left hands.

though i often feel discriminated against living in a right-handedly biased society, i feel that the blessings that come with being in the secret society of leftys far outweigh the cons. sure i get annoyed when i show up for a final in an auditorium built in in the 40’s, back when southpaws suffered much more severe prejudice- but i’ll just take up two seats and use the desk attached to the seat left of me.  someone may walk by, look at the weird girl taking up 2 seats worth of deskspace- but i’ll just glare back, “that’s right, i took an extra seat. hell to the no am i gonna take a 3 hour all essay final holding up the weight of my arm cuz some bozo decided that putting in left handed desk seats weren’t worth his time.”

upon completing my scholarly and extensive google research surrounding the lefty community, i found some interesting assertions and facts related to us:

  • (my favorite) leftys are prone to schizophrenia
  • when we drink from a mug, the picture is on the other side of mug, so we don’t get to look at it while drinking our cup of coffee (not fair)
  • left handedness can often occur from high exposure to fetal testoterone — which means that my miscarried twin was a boy
  • writing on the back of a page in a spiral notebook is always more fun, cuz my hand isn’t bothered by the spiral
  • we’re prone to multi-tasking and greater wealth (not that having more money matters)
  • we’re visual simultaneous thinkers versus linear sequential- we look at the big picture
  • leftys tend to be more creative
  • we tend to be good at a wide array of things, including speaking multiple languages
  • and lastly we’re more likely to have a higher IQ

what can i say, God made us special. doesn’t mean He loves us more, just means we’re special. and i dont mean it the way Buddy the Elf was special. so make sure to celebrate International Left Handers day on August 13th!


4 responses to “the superior awesomeness of Left-Handedness

  1. thanks for throwing in a “hell to the no”…made me laugh out loud, definitely have to start using that one more

  2. I laughed out loud multiple times so hilarious jdawg you get better every post

  3. hey girl– i love your posts, they’re deep, funny, and tottallyy jamie! where has this blog been my whole life?

  4. Yes, lefties have rights, too.

    It’s great that the Left Handers Club introduced this one day especially for us! Happy Left Handers Day.

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