professional commuinion bread eating

(this is gonna be a shorter one today)

yesterday at big church we had communion. every time i take communion, without fail, the pastor starts praying before i get done eating the communion bread/cracker/wafer. i’ve always wondered how pastors manage to eat the bread so fast. no matter what church i go to, it seems as if the pastor is a super speed eater when it gets to communion bread. and trust me i’ve watched to see if they start chewing before us lay-people do, turns out they’re legit.

so at lunch yesterday i asked some people what their theories were. michelle was convinced that pastors pray while eating at the same time. but i have to agree to disagree because not once have i seen a pastor send communion bread flying out of his mouth while praying, no one would sit in the first row if this theory were true. (and i’ve done a lot prayer watching in my day, cuz i’m not good at keeping my eyes closed during prayer)

i’m convinced that pastors just swallow the bread whole, like a holy pill. i tried researching how this works. turns out all the seminaries have kept this part a secret- you gotta go to seminary to figure this one out, it doesnt come for free on google.

i guess it’s part of the package of being a holy shepherd of the locals.


One response to “professional commuinion bread eating

  1. In my opinion, I believe that have a secret communion eating society in seminary schools dedicated to assist pastors in practicing eating the bread and drinking the wine as fast as they can. Although, in the case of PK’s who eventually become pastors (like my dad…), i do believe that they obtain the talent very earlier on in their childhood years from eating the left-over communion bread after church (secretly).

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