how to sleep without the appearance of sleeping

you know it’s bad when you look at the 2×4 space under your work desk and think, “i could sneak a nap in there.” it’s even worse to realize that because your office has window walls for your boss to watch you through, you could get in trouble for sleeping under a desk next to a trash bin and desktop.

today, i was yet again very tired and very bored. eating lots of ice cream right before bed was once again not a good idea, and having your dog wake you up at 4:50am that same night doesn’t help either. and without any work to do to keep my mind off of my sleep deprivation, i find myself desperate.  so as i sit here beggin Jesus to keep me awake even after 2 cups of coffee and an energy smoothie and a brisk walk, i’ve decided that i need to sleep, even if it means sleeping with my eyes open.

lagophthalmos- sleeping with your eyes open.  great concept, but unfortunately scholars don’t believe that this can save my day.  some claim that “animals that sleep with one eye open actually do sleep with one half of their brain while the other half is still awake. Humans do not have this ability.” Debbie Downer!

well, last time i checked, the Bible still said that all things are possible through Christ Jesus, so i decided to have a go at self-induced lagophthalmos. i did find some tips on how to rest your eyes and suprisingly, i experienced a sensation similar to sleeping, but with my eyes open. granted i do have to do this every 10 minutes or so, it’s still far better than nothing.

so if you’re like me and want some sleep, rest your eyes, focus on something to stare at and let your eyelids close halfway as you think about nothing…zzz…


2 responses to “how to sleep without the appearance of sleeping

  1. I’m been doing that in Calculus class for a long time now. Works every time =)

  2. I loved getting to hang out with you. I wish it could have happened more often this summer. Can’t wait to see ya again tomorrow, if only briefly. I love you tons! You encourage my heart!

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