we be trippin, road trippin

so michelle and i are gonna start our cross country trek tomorrow morning at 6am!

please pray for our time together on the road, for safety and good times. it’s sad to leave Texas, but it’s time to see what God has in store for me this next phase. (as a coping mechanism i’ve been telling myself that i’m just going to college for an extra 3 years, 7 in all). 

my last 2 weeks in austin were so much fun and so memorable. thanks to the echo posse (you know who you are) for going all over texas with me- my summer was unforgettable cuz of you guys.

send me your address and i’ll send u a postcard along the way!!


2 responses to “we be trippin, road trippin

  1. I want a postcard!!!

    2473 Field St. #2643
    Dallas, TX 75201

    PS I want your address too!

  2. I MISS YOU terribly already!!!!! i hope your road trip is a blast! post these pics on facebook, they’re awesome!!!

    love you friend!

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