day uno, done.

so our day one trek from houston, through louisana, through mississippi and into memphis is finally accomplished.

i woke up at 5:30 am after staying up late talking with joyce (thanks friend for sleeping over and waking up before the sun for me). carrie and mrs swim came over at 6am to bid me goodbye and bless me with prayer. picked up michelle and we immediately went to starbucks, b/c i had slept 5 hrs and she ZERO. 

we exited the greater houston area to robbie seay (great driving music) and never saw a starbucks again till tennessee 😦 and Lord knows we could’ve used some.  we had to make lots of stops for sugar and coffee and listen to all kinds of music to stay awake- NOTE: fergie never fails, i always wake up to fergie.

around 2pm we stopped for lunch in mississippi at the Old Country Store where i had the best fried chicken of my life. and then we made the last stretch to TN. 

all in all, we arrived in memphis at oliver’s friends home Kempie and Barry around 8pm- 13.5 hours later. our trip took much longer than expected because of the fabulous storm that journeyed with us all the way from louisianna, but all in all we saw some pretty cool places and are staying with the neatest nicest people outside of texas. day uno was a bit rough- but the worst is over (i think). thank you for all the prayers, i can definitely feel the peace of God’s protection over our journey, so please keep praying for us. i already miss everyone back in Texas so expect postcards!

(for the pictures from our day, check out my facebook pictures)


4 responses to “day uno, done.

  1. I love you guys!!! Loved the pictures too. You’re almost there- I miss you so much already. 😦 You’re so far away!!

  2. Pray for no rain and more scenery – Check!
    I went to Starbucks yesterday and it reminded me of you =(
    btw, sorry i kept you up so late, but it was awesome!

  3. so glad you made it safely!! keep having fun, try to stop at every starbucks you see! let’s video chat cuz i miss your face! 🙂

  4. Wait a minute…is that why Asians lean forward when they drive?? I always thought it was something else…

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