day DOS.

so we were sad to leave Germantown today because michelle and i fell in love with oliver’s friends Kempie and Barry. they were so kind to us from the moment we walked in, it was nice to be taken care of and loved after a long first day on the road. we left Germantown with full stomaches and new friends in the Jenkins- all the necessary elements to press onto a destination that i’ve been anxious about for the last 5 months.

the Lord was so gracious again, we were safe and saw barely any rain till the last 2 hours. Tennessee is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful mountains and clear skies, i wish we could’ve spent more time there. i think the beautiful scenery prevented me from trying to turn the car back to Texas (which i considered day uno- i ended up not going back to texas cuz kara told me to consider what happened to Lot and his wife when they looked back. turning into a pillar of salt, not on the to do list. kara i took your advice.)

we were pretty sleepy this morning cuz we stayed up late watching the olympics with kempie and barry. so in order to stay i awake i discovered that leaning forward right above the steering wheel keeps me awake (even though i look lost when i do this). also the spice girls did well in keeping us awake, but michelle and i learned today that a lot of their songs contain inappropriate material. had no idea at the age of 12.

drove into Virginia (which was also very pretty and peaceful) and FINALLY made it to Roanoke. we were delayed because i went in search of a wendy’s frosty and my GPS gave me crazy directions to a wendy’s that didn’t exist. i felt like michael scott on the office driving into a lake b/c of the GPS. although (thanks to Kempie) we found a fun new option on the GPS,  you can change the voice. so instead of listening to droll “American-Jill”s voice, michelle and i now take directions from an Englishman named Daniel. we like Daniel better than Jill.

all in all a successful day. but we are definitely ready to get off the road. thank you for prayers and please continue to pray for safety and fun times. love to all our family and friends (in TX and TN!)

p.s. pictures have been put on fb! and just to reassure katie, the person not driving is the one taking pictures, so no worries about driving and photographing at the same time.


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  1. Nice post. I just glanced through it. Maybe I can really read it later

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