tres dias, done.

(i dont know why all my titles have been in spanish, but wutev).

so we’ve arrived in philly! đŸ˜¦ ?

i’m glad we’re finally off the road. spending entire days on the road was harder than expected, but it went faster than i thought it would thanks to our Harry Potter audiobooks. virginia was gorgeous and we even had time today to make a tourist stop in Charlottesville to see Thomas Jefferson’s famous home Monticello.  the grounds at monticello were so so pretty and picturesque, like a Thomas Kinkade painting- which Germantown strongly resembles as well. it was nice to have the 3rd day of driving relatively easy. early today i did complain about the high altitude in the virginia mountains and i yelled at the mountains to bring me down to sea level, like houston.

after monticello we ran into some rough spots. we tried to check out the white house in DC, but we kept getting lost so we decided to peace out of DC only to find ourselves ushered into the very beginning of evening traffic. but we eventually made it out a little delayed and then got a serious dosage of storming winds and rain (the rain really never left us this entire road trip). i don’t think i’ve ever seriously prayed “Jesus Take the Wheel,” until today.   so we arrived in philly around 9:30 pm, 3 hours after our originally predicted time. let’s just say that we make the most stops in the world, and for long periods of time.

overall i must say this was a very successful road trip. i cannot thank everyone enough for all the prayers, i’ve never had such a smooth drive for so long, ever. and also, shout-out to michelle (even though she’s sitting next to me). a roadtrip w/ the roommie has been such a comfort as i’ve moved away from austin. i’m so grateful that we’ve been able to share this sweet time together before we part ways. and she’s been super patient with me, i’m not an easy person to be with in a car, as most of you know.

michelle and i are looking forward to touring philly tomorrow, and especially to sleeping in for the 1st time this week. thanks to everyone for praying for michelle and me, i miss everyone!!


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