old undergrad habits die hard

so i know i’m in law school and that things are supposed to change. but suffice it to say, most of my old habits are here to stay (like the fact that i’m writing this in my criminal law class right now).

things i should’ve let go of, but wont:

1. coffee consumption – law school has brought a revival of coffee love into my life. i bought a grinder to grind my own coffee beans, what a waste of time, but i cant stop.

2. Tetris!- perhaps this should be number 1. i’d broken up w/ tetris in april during my intro to ancient rome class b/c the facebook application required some registration on a separate website- too much work. but recently i saw one of my class mates playing tetris on fb, and i’ve made a comeback to the lovely in class game. (side note: i got a decent score yesterday during my contracts class).

3. sarcasm – the other night i was convicted about my sarcasm with regards to dropping out of law school. i am now overly fearful of uttering those words again. so now i’ve come back to dropping comments about osteen. but since no one here knows who he is, i have to save them for this blog or phone calls to katie.

4. not calling my parents- my mom called me 3 times in a row last night b/c i’ve managed to somehow talk to the parentals even less. apparently once a week was too much for me to handle. i think my mom had a sudden middle of the night fear that something had happened to me.

sorry i dont really blog anymore or that i dont have any funny stories to share. law school is way more serious than i thought it would be and twice as time consuming. maybe i’ll venture into west philly more so that i’ll have more interesting things to share with everyone. thanks for all the love!


4 responses to “old undergrad habits die hard

  1. i can relate to you on 1 and 2. regarding 3, i too have words about osteen.

  2. omg. I am reading this on my iPhone because im in con law and I almost burst out laughing in the middle of class in regards to Joel…thanks for the needed stifled laugh love

  3. Osteen is great. What’s wrong with him? He may not teach the Bible, and he may not really preach the gospel, but I hear you get a bag of popcorn whenever you visit his circ…I mean church.

  4. I’ve been iv-ing coffee into my veins practically Jamie…even when I’m not tired I drink it at work. I’m either chewing gum or drinking coffee 75% of the time. The coffee isn’t even that good. I’m auditing Exxon, and they have “bengal traders” the same stuff from the gas stations. It’s just becoming something to do at 9:30 am and then 1:30 in the afternoon…stroll down to the break room and say whats up to the lady who is always popping popcorn in the afternoon. I guess it spices things up to drink a little black magic..That’s the name of the “extra bold” variety they offer.

    Hang in there! I’m sure it is tough, but you’ll make it.

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