para mis amigos

 around 10 pm tonight, after watching project runway, i felt bad about not having done any school work, so i decided to read some contracts (i know, what an exciting read). to ease the saddening nature of contracts i opened up itunes and put my music on shuffle and this song came on, it’s a song i listened to freshman year by shawn mcdonald. and the song made me realize that i have amazing friends that are sticking with me, even from 1600 miles away. thanks friends.

“Without You”

And sometimes a man
has to get everything taken away
Before he realizes
Just how good he’s got it made
And please be thankful
Of what you got cause if youre not it just might pass you on by
And you will find yourself standin’ there
Oh, asking the question: “why?”

And what would I do
If I did not have you
And what would I say
If I had no one to say it to
Yes, I would be
Oh, lonely, without you

And I don’t know how long I’ll be around
I’m travelin’ from town to town
And let me take a moment and release
Just how I feel inside
And all my friends it’s been rough
Oh, and I love you all so
And no matter where I go
It’s in my heart, I’ll hold you close


6 responses to “para mis amigos

  1. we’re lonely here without you too. love you dear friend of mine.

  2. miss you my asian friend 🙂

  3. ditto

  4. Jamie SUPER Kim
    I had a great time talking with you last night. I miss you and our craziness. 🙂 I’ll call soon!

    Much love!

  5. Why you gotta get all sappy on us??

  6. I tag you! Go to my blog for the directions!

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