I’ve been tagged by K-foshea

 7 Random Facts About ME:

1. i’m not exactly sure why i’m in law school

2. it’s been a whole week since i’ve played tetris during a class

3. i spill all things nearly all the time – i recently had a spillage episode at Starbucks where i spilled a bright yellow smoothie all over myself and leather chair and carpet. needless to say i have yet to return to that starbucks

4. i am that person now that won’t stop talking about how great college was (but no worries, i’m considering enrolling in a 12 step program to overcome this problem)

5. all babies (or nearly all) seem really cute to me, same thing with dogs (i think it all started w/ my devotion to the show “Jon & Kate + 8” and “It’s Me or the Dog”)

6. i love the show the office (especially now that i live only 2 hours away from Scranton)

7. living on the right coast i’ve become an advocate for the reality that everything in Texas is bigger and better (another stereotype that i’ve succumb to, with no shame either)

– sorry these aren’t very random or funny, i’m in my torts class right now

I tag: Leslie, Kara, Katie, Rachel, Carly, Emily and Jess


One response to “tagg-age

  1. I couldn’t figure out how to tag on my little thing…so I wrote the 7 things and this is my way of letting you know 🙂

    Love you!


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