hope you enjoy your turkey

coming home for thanksgiving has been great. the minute i stepped off the plane the humidity of houston’s 81 degree weather hit my face. as i took off my coat and scarf, i laughed and knew that i was home.

i admit, i was semi delirious all throughout thanksgiving day (waking up at 5:15 am was a serious accomplishment), and watching the tx-a&m game on the 15th hour of my day strangely made the game more entertaining than it should’ve been. it’s been great to be home, to pull out my summer shorts, and be reminded that I do miss my family, a lot, and not just cuz my parents are constantly trying to feed me. and friends- even though i havent seen these lovely faces for months and have been living 1600 miles away from them (which is still a weird reality to me), to see them and feel as if no time had passed since that dreaded goodbye was such a gift.  for a second i felt as if i’d never left, like i was jumping back into the life i had in texas. (at breakfast katie and i noted that it was like we were eating lunch again at la madeline after church on sunday)

so even though i have my crim law class notes open (which is pretty much like studying, right?), i have and am thoroughly enjoying my thanksgiving. i’ll be sad to get back on the plane tomorrow (who knows, maybe the flight will be cancelled due to bad weather and i’ll just HAVE to stay), but i need to remember that the Lord has blessed my life in philly. 6 months ago, i would’ve expected myself to have ended up in some mental institution from the insanities of law school, but i’m alive and quite well despite the ups and downs of transitioning out of college. so here’s to eating left over turkey while reminiscing about that time i was supposed to have learned about attempted crimes.


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