i <3 hillsong. and so should you.

WARNING: if you’re easily or sometimes offended, stop reading right now.

in reference to hillsong, kara once said, “we’re a little obsessed.” and obsessed, i am.

as i attempted to review civil procedure today (which i discovered IS the 11th plague) i found myself in need of some encouragement for my soul (plagues take a serious toll on your spiritual well-being). and those of you that are super holy won’t be surprised to learn that i got my piece of joy from hillsong. 


 for those of you who don’t know who or what hillsong is (don’t raise your hand in public) – HS is a christian worship band based out of a church in australia called hillsong church. they’re worship songs are pretty darn famous and sung at the coolest of churches. hillsong is to the global church, what dcb is to mega churches in texas. they’re the big deal.

rather than moving along to reviewing the common law system of writs, i’ve decided to point out some of the most obvious reasons why i love hillsong.

1. HS’s songs are the holiest modern worships song you will ever find.

let’s be honest, lyrics like “i see the King of Glory coming on clouds of fire,”you heal all my disease,” or “no one can deny through the storm and through the fire there is truth that sets me free” are all super spiritual lyrics that i’m sure only people like missionaries, first year seminary students and pastor’s wives can sing freely. HS lyrics take it to a whole other level – they’re full of deep lines that are really challenging. sometimes i stop myself and comment “that sounds too good to be true? well PTL for that.” HS songs will definitely take you there.

2. (this should probably be #1) HS’ MVA (most valued artist) Brooke Fraser.


singer musician Brooke Fraser is probably one of HS’s greatest assets.

she’s pretty, she writes amazing songs, girl can sing, she has a cool new zealand accent, AND she sings mainstream music in addition to performing with HS. she’s basically done what dcb and switchfoot have individually accomplished – but in the same lifetime. other ccm artists and christian-incognito mainstream bands have nothing on Brooke.

3. Hillsong’s inspirational and profound lyrics make me want to raise my hands and worship “charismatically”.

some of you may not like to lift your hands, no less dance, during worship at church. which is totally cool, different strokes fo different folks. i personally am a bit of a hand-raiser. i’velet's worship also noticed (and other charismos may testify to this as well) that when a significantly profound lyric is sung, you want to lift your hands more – and that makes worship more fun. i think jon acuff once mentioned on his scl blog that raising your hands in worship is like having a runway to God.

thanks to hillsong, the church has more runways. (they even have a song about this called “The Stand.” it’s a fav.)

4. MARKETING Skills.

HS’s enterprise is so vast and amazing that they even have worship music just for kids. as a former student of marketing, i quickly realized that HS had tapped into an elite niche market: super spiritual kids, or kids who have super holy parents.super strong God

most christian kids watch veggie tales and sing the same “worship” songs that i had to sing at church when i was 6. ya know, the one about the big house, abraham and his son’s, and some little light. but let’s be honest, those old songs lack theology and spiritual depth. and that’s where hillsong’s worship albums for kids come in.

now the kids who want to move on from the story about noah’s ark onto deep discussions of eschatology, predestination and creation can also worship to music that they find more mature. they can sing to songs like Take it All. here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

The lost will be found.
in freedom we live,
As one we cry out.
You carried the cross, You died and rose again. 

writers like max lucado and john piper have already tapped into this niche, so i’m glad HS has jumped on board as well. check em out parents, they even have dvds.

i stop here at #4 cuz let’s be honest, i really shouldn’t have to go on. #1 (masked as #2) should be enough. but if you’re still not convinced that hillsong is the greatest worship band of all time, all i extend to you is grace and only a few hard feelings. after all, no one’s perfect, and no one can’t be prayed for.


15 responses to “i <3 hillsong. and so should you.

  1. JAMIE! this is hilarious……..

    i especially liked the shout-out to dcb and the mega-church, the charismatic hand-raising, the references to the super holy and their super spiritual kids (like tyler, for example, who already knows dcb)…

  2. oh and bonus points for those super spiritual who can name the song titles for the lyrics you mentioned

  3. katie, i was thinking about you in the charismatic part, obvi.
    and katie u’re probably gonna get a sweet house in heaven for naming those super spiritual songs

  4. shut up, spiritual runways. so true. i love my lil’ kim and her christian sarcasm. i feel like this blog was for me and katie

  5. Finally! a post! loved it!!!

  6. ummm…i’m pretty sure hillsong has nothing on dc talk. duh.

  7. must absolutely agree to disagree.
    hillsong is way more spiritual.

  8. You’re Hilarious JK.
    Can I be a hand-raiser but not a charismatic?
    so you’re sending me “shadow feed” then?

  9. for christian downloads pls click my name

  10. God is awesome

  11. GOD WITH US ..

  12. ………so pretty….
    praise god!

  13. continue to worship god! ……………..tomorrow is sunday………..hmp. god bless,

  14. this was interesting, and i agree. i think i will read more of these.

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