we know drama.

no i’m not talking about TNT.

i’m talking about law students. (like myself)

when you only have 2 days to study for a class you never took notes in cuz you were stalking friends from elementary school on facebook – you know you’re doomed.

and it sure doesn’t help when all your classmates are frantically asking questions over your head while holding their cigarette in one hand and their octo-shot latte in the other.

it’s for times like that these that law students were created i think – to take daily drama to the next level.

prime example (some of you may have already heard) – but here at temple, a poor soul lost his mind in the library in mid-march (a little early in the semester but hey, finals and jobs are a big deal to most of us). allegedly he was throwing books and had to be taken out.

gchat and facebook statuses: clear and threatening examples.

my favorite for today: “2 down, 2 to go. Like having your limbs ripped off one by one.” (really? have you ever lost a limb? try saying in that in front of a veteran and we’ll see who’s really losing limbs.)

“some day soon, we will all drink. And It Will Be Good.” (this one of the more hopeful ones. at least this kid has a “goal” in mind to work towards. yes, it’ll probably lead to alcoholism in the long run, but let’s deal with that once the kid comes out of finals holding on for dear life.)


“death by 1000 cuts.” (i think i need to have a talk with this kid asap, or stage an intervention.)

“your mom goes to law school.” <– 2nd favorite

(NOTE: i’ve chosen to not post the suicidal ones.)

right before my con law final last friday, a girl behind me was very very concerned about not doing well on the final. (i’d seen the terror in her eyes before. mainly in the mirror.) and from a desire to help the situation i told her that she’d do fine and that all her efforts would pay off. in response to which i received a snarky retort “ha! you say that like you BELIEVE IT.” (i actually laughed ion the inside in the face of such drama). but i realized that sometimes you just need to indulge law students, just a little.  the night before a final might not be the best time to bust out the 4 pillars method you learned in campus crusade, you’ll only get through half the first.

unfortunately, legally blonde did not show how elle woods survived finals. and that’s left us law students running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

i’m halfway done with finals, and at this point, i’m motivation-less. but i think i may prefer that to my normal finals scarcasm.

for now, i’m gonna open my textbook (which is pretty much just like studying) and fold laundry.


One response to “we know drama.

  1. Hang in there! your almost done!!! 1 year down!!! woot!! are you gonna be back before you start your ra position?

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